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Background Information

Gaiwan Headquarters in Jos
Gaiwan Headquarters in Jos

Gaiwan and Associates Ltd is a Nigerian company registered under the laws of Nigeria in accordance with the companies and allied matters decree of 1990 (RC 313,267). The company is limited by shares having its head office in Jos, Plateau state with branch offices in Yola (Adamawa State) and Kaduna (Kaduna State).

The company has worked in association with various other consulting firms such as Associated Engineers and Salima Engineering Ltd on numerous highway schemes.

Gaiwan and Associates have planned, designed and supervised the construction of numerous Highway road projects, Rural and Urban Water supply, Urban and Township roads, Drainage and Sewage system, Irrigation and Building works in various parts of the country.

As an integral part of these projects, Gaiwan and Associates had carried out a number of studies and investigations in soil mechanics, land survey, surface hydrology, geology and other relevant disciplines and has thus gained great experience in the planning, design and supervision of the construction of various Civil Engineering Projects.

The company is therefore capable of conceiving excellent plans, well adjusted to suit local conditions in the fields of dams and water supply, agriculture, irrigation, sewage, drilling platforms, roads and river basin development.

The firm presently maintains staff of qualified Civil/Structural/Highway Engineers and Specialists with vast experience in the fields of Civil Engineering and Building Construction works. The firm also has a well equipped and adequately staffed design office, efficient building construction equipment, numerous engineering software, hydrological equipment and laboratories for soil and water tests.

Over the past fifteen years, Gaiwan and Associates has participated actively in numerous Civil Engineering and Building Projects including the design and construction of roads and bridges amongst others.

Gaiwan and Associates Ltd provides consultancy services in the following Engineering fields: Highways and Highway Structures, Dams and Dam related Structures, Water Supply, Irrigation Works, Environmental Engineering, Structural and Geotechnical Engineering, Sanitary Engineering, Building Construction, Construction Supervision, and Management of Projects.

Experiences in Similar Fields

Gaiwan Yola Office
Gaiwan Yola Office

Gaiwan and Associates has been associated with highway development in Nigeria since its inception. The firm provides a comprehensive consultancy service in Highways and Bridges. The practice has gained experience and developed expertise in highway studies, planning, and design.

The firm has its own geotechnical section, which carries out field and laboratory investigations to establish foundation requirements and materials for pavements, buildings, roads and other major structures.

The firm has wide experience in the collection and interpretation of data. Rapid processing of data is facilitated by the extensive use of the computers. Gaiwan and Associates have developed a comprehensive set of library programs for the evaluation, analysis and modelling of transportation systems. The computer system is also used for the geometric design of roads and airport pavements.

Field experience gained by supervising construction of various transportation projects allow confident planning and designs of roads, bridges, and associated structures.

Professional Expertise and General Qualifications

Gaiwan Kaduna Office
Gaiwan Kaduna Office

Gaiwan and Associates Ltd has a professional team, which largely accounts for the standards of technical excellence exhibited by the firm. Many of our senior staff and Consultants are professionally registered in the fields of civil, geotechnical and environmental engineering.

Staff Strategy
Following the principle of a strong staff participation in the project as set out in our plan, we have adopted strategy in nominating staff required for the project. An experienced core staff specialist will lead the nominated staff. These specialists will serve in the following positions:

  • Project Director
  • Project Manager/Highway Engineer
  • Bridge Design Specialist

Whilst their primary responsibility is reflected by their position, in practice they will have a general project management responsibility to ensure the work programme is maintained. The experienced team of specialists will also provide vital technical inputs at carefully specified times. All project staff will be selected based on their specialist knowledge of the main elements of the project.

Staff Nomination
The quality and experience of the Consultant’s staff are fundamental to the success of the project. We have ensured therefore that each of our nominees has the qualifications and proven experience to meet the job requirements, and that the team as a whole possesses the expertise to carry out all aspects of the assignment. Our team comprise entirely of Nigerian experts who have the requisite expertise and local knowledge for a project of this magnitude. All team members have had extensive experience on similar projects either in Nigeria or in similar conditions and geographical locations.

Profile of Key Professional Staff

A profile of key members of our professional staff is presented hereafter:

Principal Partner - Engr. O. L Abioye
Holds a B.Sc (Civil Engr), and M.Sc (Construction Management) degrees, and is a member of the Nigerian Society of Engineers, Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria (COREN), Association of Consulting Engineers of Nigeria (ACEN), Nigeria Roads Federation (NRF), and associate member of the Nigerian Institute of Management (NIM). With over 30 years in the field of Civil Engineering, he has been involved in the design and construction of various schemes including the rehabilitation and reconstruction of Ifaki – Ikole – Omuo road (phase 1), National highway and urban road rehabilitation(PTF-NHURRP) – Plateau State, Nassarawa State and FCT amongst many others.

Team Leader/Civil Engineer - Engr. C. M Ajakaiye
Engr. C. M Ajakaiye has over 15 years of professional experience in design and construction supervision of major civil and infrastructural works. He holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree obtained from the University of Benin and is a member of the Nigeria Society of Engineers, and the Institute of Appraisal and Cost Engineers. He has particularly been involved in the geometric design and detailing of road alignments, pavement designs and bridge structures. He has also participated in the design and construction supervision in several hydraulic structures such as culverts, dykes, flood and erosion control works.

Gaiwan Conference Room in Jos
Gaiwan Conference Room in Jos

Bridge/Highway Engineer - Engr. Y. Pam Tok
B. Eng (Civil Engr). Engr.Y Pam Tok has over 15 years experience in Civil/Highway Engineering. He has particularly been involved in studies and design of Federal Trunk Roads, including participating as resident engineer on the PTF – NHURRP road rehabilitation project for Lot 17. He is highly proficient in the use of various engineering software for the design of bridges and highways.

Geotechnical Engineer - Engr. A. C Umeh
A specialist in Geotechnical Engineering, he was educated in Nigeria and Canada. Vastly experienced, Engr A.C Umeh has been involved in various geotechnical and related engineering projects including road and river basin development projects. A former lecturer at the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, he is a member of the Canadian Geotechnical Society and the Nigerian Mining and Geosciences Society.

Chief R. Engineer - Engr. Olushile Odumosu
B. Eng (Civil Engr). Engr. Olushile Odumosu has years of experience in Civil/Highway Engineering. He is a specialist in Structures. He is also a member of the Nigerian Society of Engineers, and is duly registered with the Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria (COREN).

Senior R. Engineer - Engr. Enoch J. Bello
B. Eng (Civil Engr). Engr. Enoch J. Bello specializes in Highway Engineering. He is also a member of the Nigerian Society of Engineers, and is duly registered with the Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria (COREN).

Principal Surveyor - Mr. Bakari Zakari
Mr. Zakari has a B.Sc and M.Sc in Surveying with over 17 years of professional experience in Land Surveying and Construction Supervision of Civil Engineering projects. At present, he is the Principal Land Surveyor of the firm and specialised in topographical surveying including computerisation of field data and general mapping.